Requesting prayer from my readers (and anyone else who cares to participate)

I don’t, as a rule, make requests like this through the blog, but I can’t think of any harm from too much intercession on my behalf. So here goes.

I haven’t posted this week because I have been laid out on a bed of pain–neuropathic (i.e., nerve) pain in both feet, and then this morning I discovered that my right foot was warm to the touch, swollen and so tender that standing or walking on it was like getting around on a sprained ankle. I have no explanation for the condition of my right foot changing overnight. I don’t recall any “hard landings” or recent injuries that would account for it.

And since it’s my right foot (i.e., gas and brake pedals), if the swelling doesn’t go down, I will be Ubering to the doctor for an evaluation and possibly an x-ray. The last time these symptoms occurred I had a hairline fracture in my second toe.

Thanks for following. I do have a post to tee up when I feel better, but first things first.

3 Replies to “Requesting prayer from my readers (and anyone else who cares to participate)”

    1. I do not know if you knew my brother, David. My name is Steve Taylor, his younger brother. I was notified this morning that he passed away on Monday.

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  1. For whomever comes across this blog, my brother, David, passed away 2/8/21.


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